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Little known Facts about Daily Stretching

I enjoy stretching; I do it anywhere and at any time. How often do I stretch? Stretching is part of my daily routine, a decision I made over eight years back and so far no regrets. It’s such a simple exercise, but I don’t undervalue its power – I once did.

The American Heart Association recommends daily stretching as one of the best ways to build strength and endurance. Here are 4 main reasons why daily stretching is such a powerful form of exercise:

The 4 Benefits of Daily Stretching

Increases Flexibility

Stretching increases flexibility and performance in physical activities, let me explain. The actions of a wholesome stretch, encourage a full range of movement in the body. It also triggers an increase in the blood flow, which heightens the levels of oxygen available in the body. Consequently, the muscles get stimulated and respond better, increasing their productivity or output.

In essence, gentle movements enhance flexibility in precise movements. Here is the truth; I’ve to stretch daily to maintain flexibility.

Increases Blood Circulation

I’m interested in health and fitness issues, and so I know of numerous ways or things that improve blood flow. However, it is incredible to know that the simple act of stretching improves blood circulation, promotes cell growth, and keeps blood pressure at a constant.

Boost Gym Performance

Squeezing a stretching session into an already cramped schedule like mine is next to impossible. Furthermore, I already hit the gym on a regular basis; nevertheless, I used to be blasted by niggling injuries from time to time. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, here is my remedy:

Add a stretch session at the end of an intense workout. Stretching prevents injuries, improves your posture and blood circulation. I’ll never be a ballerina, though I admire them for not only the dance but also the powerful thighs, endurance, strength, etc. At least I can get the strength and move with lithe grace as I continue with my stretching regime.

Reduces Tension, Pain, and Stress While Improving Posture

I spend most of the day in front of my computer. Therefore, I feel the need to share my story, because this was a struggle. Before I embarked on making daily stretching part of my “at work” routine, I’d slump or slouch in my chair and hunch my shoulders – it was a habit.

Soon days were plagued by backaches, tension and tightness in the neck area (especially around the nape), not to mention the headaches. I did some research and started stretching right at the comfort of my desk, standing, or sitting.

I’d trained myself to believe that any form worthwhile exercise was to the gym – misconstrued idea.

Technique: extend your hands behind you and try to interlock your fingers if you can. Then straighten your arms and slowly lift them upwards until you feel a stretch in your chest. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds do as many reps as 5-10 and build up on this.

Overall, the power of daily stretching is not limited to what is discussed here: it’s a worthwhile venture. Many people minimize or ignore the benefits of this simple exercise. The best part is it’s not costly; it can be done at work, at home, and at the gym – practically anywhere.

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