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Enhance your massage with aromatherapy

There is nothing like a quality massage to workout last week’s kinks in the body. The feeling of professional hands kneading your overworked calves, over stressed kinks in the neck, and the relentless knots that haunt your shoulder blades! Ugh.

A lot like you, I am a big fan of a good quality massage. However, we are all a little different in what we like with our massage.

Take chatting, for instance. I prefer very little talking with my massage. Still, I understand helping the therapist build a rapport with me allows me to receive a better massage and a better connection to the therapist.

But some people enjoy chatting or talking during their massage, which can offer a therapeutic release. To each their own, right.

But a good chat and some tension relief in your body isn’t everything that should come with a good massage. There can be a relaxing atmosphere, a comfortable private room, and induced trans music to help set the mood.

My favorite of all is the aroma of quality essential oils. Typically, I seek out massages to help me relax and rejuvenate. So, I like my aroma to be relaxing and calming to help me find that sweet spot between sleep and daydreaming.


Here at the massage center, we only use Bnaturals quality essential oils with all of our massages. Besides the high quality of a professional massage and an atmosphere you could practically live in, what helps us stand out is that we offer aromatherapy for free.

I know! How fun is that?

We offer three organic choices of Bnatural essential oils: Orange, Peppermint, and my favorite, Lavender.

If you haven’t experienced a quality massage from Orem Center for Massage, now might be a good time. Come on in and unwind, rejuvenate, and get a massage.

See you there!

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