What exactly is a Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage for Therapeutic and Health Benefits

My life is fast-paced, and a good massage is not only therapeutic but holds health benefits. That’s why I opt for Swedish massage also known as the “classic” massage. It is one of the oldest types of massage, which involves the passive and active movement of joints and muscles.

Swedish massage gets my body in tune and mind rejuvenated. This is how it works, the manipulation techniques of this massage seduce the tension out of the very fiber of my muscles. First, let me explain what exactly the Swedish massage is.

Here is the thing; Swedish massage forms the basis of many massages mostly, as one of its primary goals, is to improve blood circulation, and it’s a favorite in the West.

The 5 Standard Strokes of Swedish Massage Include:


The therapist administers smooth gliding strokes using unscented or aromatic oils to facilitate the motions. The gliding movements are towards the heart and sculpturing the contours of the body using the palms of the hands. The massage therapist sets a constant pace of either light or medium pressure using fingertips, knuckles, thumbs, and palms.

As the first of the 5 strokes, effleurage warms the body muscles, improves blood circulation, calms the nerves and relaxes the soft tissue.


After effleurage now comes the rolling, kneading, lifting, grasping, or squeezing of muscles, the secret in this action is it targets the muscles knots and enhances relaxation and local circulation. Also, the stroke design is to improve lymphatic drainage.


At this point in the massage of deep, circular motions are introduced, and this causes fiber/tissue to rub against each other thus increasing blood flow and breaking down scar tissue. This stroke involves the deeper muscles, the therapist using the weight of his/her body on the forearms or the pads of the knuckles or fingers.

The pressure of this weight is released at a gradual and gentle speed. Besides, stiffness in the joints is freed through the motion. Through the circular movement helps increase flow in the ligaments and tendons increases.


This stroke elevates the local flow now the therapist resorts to short, quick alternating taps using the edge of the hand, or cupped fingers or hands. The hands assume “cup” shape with the fingers slightly bent at the knuckles; palms in close contact with thumbs. The message takes on strokes of the flesh using the flat of the hands, in quick succession. The act is to work on the tension in the fleshy regions: thighs, buttocks, and back.


Here the massage takes on an invigorating action; the message therapist trembles the flesh using fingertips or the hands moving through the target with using this repetitive stroke. This stroke is gear to releasing muscular tension in small areas like the face and/or on the length of the spine. Sometimes an electrical device is used to do this stroke.

Personal Experience

I believe the interesting elements of Swedish massage is, it wraps around building from a mild to a moderate and finally a vigorous crescendo. In other words, each muscle and soft tissue get its due attention in the process.

I enjoy working out and I do so on a regular basis. Lifting weights to tone my muscles subjects me to injuries especially when adapting to a new exercise regime. Thanks to the Swedish message, a remedy for my injuries.

Long story cut short; here are 8 benefits of Swedish massage:

Promotes of relaxation and well-being
Reduces anxiety and stress
Beneficial for treatment of injuries, e.g., sports and posture misalignment
Results are easier and deeper breathing
It reduces joint stiffness
Increases the mind-body connection
Relieve of tension induced conditions such as headaches and eyestrain
Improved flow of blood and lymph thus better immune system
I can’t stress enough on the therapy and health value of Swedish massage. A traditional massage has stood the test of time, so it is trustworthy and delivers on the therapeutic and health ends. Also, this is a regular massage to work on the inside and out on the whole for the overall well-being.

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  1. Many types of massage will suits your body. It is up to you to choose which will give you more benefits and helps you with your pamper time.

  2. Massage is not only the name of spa etc. There are many other way massage like chiropractic treatment, therapeutic massage, spinal rehabilitative exercises etc.

    Thanks for sharing nice article. keep posting.

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