Couples Massage

A couples massage is done with two massage therapist or massage apprentices in the same room.

Your room will be equipped with two massage beds, warming blankets, warming towels, gentle music and dimmed lighting.

There will be a massage therapist assigned to each of that each person can receive a consistent, quality massage at the same time.

A couples massage are usually intended for relaxing, couples bonding time, or to just get away. Sharing the experience of a quality time together, such as a couples massage offers can enhance any relationship and not just romantic partners.

Orem Center for Massage has more request for couples massage than any other massage service that we offer.

You can request your couples massage with two massage apprentice, also known as students, or you can request your massage from two Licensed Massage Therapist.

Also, keep in mind that your couples massage can’t be booked via online and must be requested via phone or our form ( Click Here For Our Online Form )