Cedarwood Essential Oil

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15 mL Cedarwood Essential Oil

Certified organic, Cedarwood Essential Oil helps reduce stress and relieve inflammation, along with many other benefits. With an orange fragrance, this oil can also be used to freshen a room or as a household cleaner. The scent is a medium, sweet, and balsamic-like and originated in Morocco. It is 100 percent pure.

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6 reviews for Cedarwood Essential Oil

  1. Kathy M

    I love the woodsy smell of cedar wood! Just as good as other brands and better price!

  2. Jennifer M

    I really enjoy the deep smell of this essential oil and im not sure what bnatural does but they do it well.

  3. Kellie

    This Cedarwood is beyond wonderful!

  4. Tammy H

    As a yoga instructor I highly recommend this Cedarwood essential oil. You will love it!

  5. Kara

    Me and my husband are outdoor enthusiast and we really enjoy the smell of cedarwood.

  6. Sarah


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