How to Find Time for yourself and why it Matters

If your life involves juggling between career, family life, and other commitments, finding time to leisure or relax can be quite challenging.
The time we often set aside for self-enjoyment is the first thing to “disappear” when we become too busy with our daily schedules.

Yet, the “me” time is so fantastic because not only do we spend it doing what we love, but it’s also essential for our overall wellbeing and health.

Here are some great tips to help you set and spend your “me” time:

  • Make Yourself a Priority

As a mom, you’re the first responder in any family emergency. Just as you’d want your EMT or ER Doc to be well rested and restored while attending to your emergency, so should you be for your family. Besides, moms who take care of themselves are said to be physically and emotionally fit to care for their family.

Incorporate some time for yourself in your daily schedules. Despite you having a busy day, there is always an opportunity to fit some “me” time that you shouldn’t skimp.

  • Be Firm with Yourself

As a mom, you’re likely to give up your time for your loved ones. However, it’s imperative to remember that you’re also important and you should thus suspend whatever that has come up until later for your “me” time.

Things to Do During Your “Me” Time

Choose an activity you’d like to do and schedule some time for it. Keep your chosen activities restorative and relaxing, as they’ll help you feel good about yourself and contribute to nurturing a happier you.

Here are a few suggestions:

• If you have 5-10 minutes: Call a friend to chat, breathe deeply, or cuddle your pet

• If you have 15-30 minutes: Read a chapter of that book you’ve always desired to make time for, go for a brisk walk, or soak in relaxing, warm Jacuzzi (ensure another adult is watching your kids so no one is going to shout “mom!” while you’re at it). Soaking in a warm bath will not only help you relax, but it’s also known to calm the nervous system and stimulate blood circulation. Another way to go about relaxing is going for a relaxation massage.

• If you have 30-60 minutes: Getting a massage can also be an excellent way to spend your “me” time. Not only does the massage help you manage stress, but it also eases most common aches and muscle pains. Besides, it helps you stay active.

Bottom line

Stop bemoaning your lack of time and rather commit to integrating your “me” time into your busy schedule. A healthy life starts with self-love and you taking care of yourself first. You’ll be stunned at how little self-time has made such a significant boost to your health and happiness as well as to those around you!

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