It's Perfect

Therapeutic Massage

This is one of our most asked for services to date. Under professional hands a therapeutic massage can be scaled to fit anyones needs.


Using Suction cups to areas of injury or tightness to detoxify and bring fresh blood to speed healing and relieve pain and tension.


Reflexology is a theraputic process that has been used as a medical solution for thousands of years. It's also a fact the nervous system inter-connects your internal systems.

Licensed Apprentice Massage

As a licensed apprentice we are trained here at Orem Center for Massage to read the response of the body's reaction to the touch.

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage therapy help create muscle relaxation through the placing smooth, water-heated stones at specific areas on the body.

Aroma Touch Thechnique

8 Doterra CPTG essential oils applied in a rythmic pattern to the back and feet balancing the Autonomic Nervous System.

Prenatal Massage

A massage specifically design to help expecting mothers with sore muscles and aches as well as to help them relax.

Couples Massage

A Therapeutic Massage with two Therapist in the same room. Please call the office to schedule this appointment. 801-222-0212 DO NOT BOOK ONLINE

Why Choose Orem Center For Massage


We hold all of our massage therapist and massage students to the highest working ethics to assure the best environment for you.


All of our massage students and massage therapist are trained to personalize your massage.


We have spend years perfecting our environment to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit.


The benefits of a quality & professional massage should be for everyone and not just a luxury and our prices will always reflect that.


We have created the best environment where you can slip away from the busy day of life and work.


Our top priority is your safety and the safety of our team here at the Orem Center for Massage.


A quality massage starts at the training of each of our therapist and apprentices to assure that it's part of every massage.


We have been training massage apprentices here for over 10 years and we just keep getting better every year.