5 Steps to Enjoy the Best Massage Ever!

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It’s been a crazy week, at home and at work! You can feel the tension settling in the back of your neck and along both shoulders, and taking hot showers doesn’t seem to phase the discomfort. There’s no time to waste because nothing helps like a really good massage, one that will chase away all of those nagging aches and pains. You already know that a great massage therapist is needed, but what else can you do to make sure the massage delivers relief and results?

Get the Best Massage with These Simple Steps!

Say goodbye to the worry and stress that has settled into your body with these five tips and tricks for an amazing and successful massage. Read this quick list and say goodbye to stubborn aches and pains!

#1 – Clear Your Mind …Completely

Be open and receptive to healing hands while remaining calm, quiet and relaxed for an optimal massage experience that restores peace and resets your body.

“I know this sounds crazy, but people will actually pay good money for a massage and then lay there thinking about everything that has them so stressed out to begin with. Then, they wonder why the massage didn’t bring complete relief. Stop that!”

Clear your mind of all negativity, of all the deadlines, pressures and responsibilities, stop thinking about your mental to-do list …and surrender. Think about NOTHING.

#2 – Trust your Massage Therapist

For the best results, you must have complete trust in your massage therapist. If there are any doubts in your mind, it would be wise to find another massage therapist. After all, you cannot surrender your mind completely without trust.

“Would you employ someone you cannot trust? If you don’t trust your massage therapist, you aren’t going to welcome their touch… which is more than necessary for a good massage.”

If you cannot achieve a complete level of trust, find another massage therapist where your money will be better spent. A truly great massage requires respecting, and connecting with, the masseuse. Finding that connection is imperative.

#3 – Bring a Positive Attitude

Even before your appointment, you should begin preparing for a positive experience. Avoid eating a heavy meal that might leave you feeling uncomfortable, and be sure to arrive approximately ten minutes early.

“Running behind and arriving all stressed out is no way to begin your massage. I always try to show up several accurate when responding to any questions my massage therapist may need to ask.”

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#4 – Inform Your Therapist if You’re in Pain

Speak up if you experience pain during the massage session. The expression ‘no pain, no gain’ does not apply when you are getting a massage. While there may be a measure of discomfort while your massage therapist goes to work on your tense and aching muscles, you should never remain silent about pain.

“A massage isn’t a contest to see how tough you are, or how much pain you can endure. Always tell your massage therapist when you are in pain.”

Without communication, your massage therapist cannot deliver the massage that your body so desperately needs. Discuss pain and tenderness for the best massage experience.

#5 – Enjoy Massage …and Repeat

While one massage may provide enough relief for you to feel much better, it is important to speak with the therapists about further sessions. It is likely that you will need additional massage therapy to reset and restore your mind and body.

2 thoughts on “5 Steps to Enjoy the Best Massage Ever!

  1. Penelope Smith

    This is some really good information about massage therapy. It is good to know that it would be smart to tell the therapist if you are in pain. That way, they can stop especially if it is a really bad pain. I have been having a lot of pain my shoulders lately. Perhaps a massage could help get rid of it.

  2. Johnny McCarron

    Thank you so much for your steps to enjoy the best massage ever. I’m thinking of enrolling my wife in massage therapy. I think it could really help her aching back and neck.

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