Massage Apprenticeship

Creating the perfect educational & hands-on environment to learn & do massage therapy

Our Approach To Learning Massage Therapy

Our Massage Apprentice Program here at Orem Center for Massage is followed by a Utah DOPL approved curriculum & unlike many massage school, we will prepare you for real-world massage therapy. With one on one hands-on training, education and a quality working environment, your education will take you beyond just passing the DOPL massage therapy licensing test.

On top of your studies & one on one training from your licensed massage therapist, you will be guided through massaging Orem Center for Massage clients, real-world problem solving, time management all while perfecting your skill.

Massage Therapy

Today is a great day to take a little time for yourself and massage would be the perfect remedy for your stressful long day. We would love to offer you a one hour of peaceful, quiet and tranquil massage that will help rejuvenate and re-energize your body.

Couples Massage

There is something extra special and bonding about receiving a couples massage with a loved one. Spending quality time in the perfect environment Orem Center for Massage can do wonders for your relationship.

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